Plásticos Freddy

Plásticos Freddy


SeaPlast® is a composite of plastics that has been removed from the coastline and preventing that reach to the oceans, and can be used in simple transparent polyethylene packages, as well as in pigmented material, which can generate a multitude of sustainable combinations and attractive design.

It’s also possible to use laminated materials, adding quality to the print with the use of SeaPlast® in the formation of the final product, arriving at a differentiated laminate product, and at the same time highly sustainable.

Its versatility is enormous, and can be used in shopping bags, bags, bobbins and security envelopes, among others, containing the same characteristics of resistance, weldability and printing capacity, which makes yours relationship with your customer much more responsible and ecologically correct, and prepared for the new wave consumption more and more conscious and concerned with the new generations.

By giving new life to wastes discarded in the wrong way in nature, SeaPlast® acts directly with Social Responsibility generating income and employment to cooperatives and coastal NGOs.

SeaPlast® - the plastic of the future for the new generations ... today! An another exclusivity Plásticos Freddy®!