Plásticos Freddy

Plásticos Freddy


Plasticos Freddy® provides innovative, customized and high-quality products, thanks to its long-standing market experience and in-depth knowledge of the raw materials.
The company is an exponent in the packaging segment, especially in shopping bags. In addition, brings together a strong combination of creativity, new trends and production excellence.

Always innovating with new combinations of materials, finishes and original accessories in the manufacture of the packaging, Plásticos Freddy® has a wide variety of models, sizes and colors so that your brand gains movement and is always prominent in its field of action.
Plásticos Freddy® also offers several ecological solutions for yours packaging, thinking in a sustainable way and associating the brand's concern with the future and the environment.

Aware of the socio-environmental responsibility, the company offers products of long durability, such as reusable materials and recyclable, degradable or compostable plastics.
Thinking and acting today, to make the world more sustainable for the next generations, Plásticos Freddy® is at the forefront of the market for shopping bags and plastic packaging, offering the latest and newest world trend in sustainability, SeaPlast®, material removed from the coast and oceans, thus contributing to give a new life cycle to materials discarded in nature.

Plásticos Freddy® shopping bags that communicate, are durable and thrill it!